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The Top 10 Funniest Baby Hairstyles in 2017

The Top 10 Funniest Baby Hairstyles in 2017

So we get it... Babies are normally born bald but there are some hilarious exceptions where babies are born with a full mane or grow a crop quick smart. The following is a list of our favourite hairstyles from bubs all over the world. If you have a stunner, tag your baby's picture in the facebook post or send it in to us. If you have a friend whose baby could compete with these, then tag them in a comment in the post and let the competition begin! 

1. Rockstar Bub

People are going crazy over this 9 week old from the UK, who could have come straight from a rolling stones audition. 

funny hairstyles

2. Citizen Gomez

This bub is a dead ringer for our loveable Gomez from the Adams Family. 

funny hairstyle baby

3. One For the Books

This one is simply adorable, born with such a full head, it's no wonder little Erica became an internet sensation - that's a powerful mane indeed! 

ginger baby

4. Punk Rocker

Yeah, well if it doesnt work out, you'll always have an incredible attitude to keep it real. This baby has the look to get in and out of any situation!

too cool punk

5. Power Ball 

There's power in a full head of hair and this little one commands all the attention at the party, there's no denying it!


6. Fluffy Crop 

This little bub has got all the right moves at the right time. They came in swinging and it's apparent that we all have to get on board the groove wagon with this one. 

fluffy baby

7. Wigged Out?

It looks like a wig but we assure you, this is a real rug straight from the oven. Stella job!

wig baby

8. Wise One 

So the adage goes that we get wiser when we go grey, well this baby is ahead of the game... and the game is milk, lots of it. 

grey babe

9. Cheeky One

There had to be a cheeky one right? Well this little bub takes the cake on this occasion, hands down, hair up!

cheeky one

10. Baby Blue

You have to take the time to stare into this ones eyes and you can tell why they call this bub "baby blue". Born in style with a mane fresh as daisies, you got to love this adorable baby blue!

baby blue

If you have any interesting hairstyle pics from your own bub or from a friend or family member's, then post it in a comment in our Facebook post with this article. It may be hard to compete with the above but nothing's impossible. For all of your loveable, trendy, adorable and downright cool infant apparel, head over to Bubs Warehouse to check out the latest gear for your little girl or boy. For funky toddler shoes in Australia, check out the dedicated page and let us know your favourites. 


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