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Four Places To Visit With Your Children

Four Places To Visit With Your Children

Finding safe, educational and stimulating places to take your kids and keep them occupied and entertained can be a task. There are many places that can really brighten up a child’s day and fill them with excitement, fun and learning opportunities.

It’s always nice to find something free or low cost to do as it allows parents the opportunity to spend their income on other things or to save cash.

We’ve collated our top four cost effective things to do to keep your kids entertained all year round.

Take a trip to the beach

The beach is a fantastic/free place to take the family and spend quality time with your children.  Here are a few handy tips to ensure the day runs smoothly.

  • Pack a pop up tent or shelter.

This will help to keep your young ones protected from sunlight and contained in a safe place.

  • Pack appropriate lunch containers, bags and sunscreen.

Small containers will protect food is kept it clean and free of sand. Packing bags for diapers etc will be a big help in organizing your day around unwanted mess. Always pack appropriate sunscreen to ensure that everyone is safe and protected.

  • Time your day perfectly.

Arriving early will ensure that you can pitch up a great spot, preferably close to the lifeguard for optimum safety. Be sure to pack up and tidy as you go along as to ensure a clean and tidy exit.

Discover a Local Museum

There are museums all over the globe and each offer unique opportunities for children to learn and be entertained. From interactive displays to historical relics, there is a great deal of choice when it comes to finding the right museum for your day out. Here are some tips for your trip…

  • Pick the right museum and do your research.

Find a museum that will have the most interactive, immersive experience for children. Hype the museum up and let the kids know what to expect so that the trip becomes a reward.

  • Play Games.

Consider setting up a treasure hunt, maybe assume the role of a tour guide or consider dressing up to the theme of the exhibition that you visit. All of this will add fun and excitement to the atmosphere.

  • Check for special exhibits and debrief after the visit.

Museums often have one off/special exhibits that travel around the world. It’s worth checking online to see what’s on in your area that your children will get the most out of. Debriefing and finding out what the kids have learned afterwards is a great way of finding out their ever growing likes and interests.

Picnic in the Park

A day at the park is a great way to let the kids go out and enjoy nature. Parks can offer an idyllic space within a concrete jungle, with secure play areas and opportunities to share and appreciate natural space.

When visiting your local park, here are some pointers to consider.

  • Do your research and dress for the weather.

Check out what your local forests and country parks have to offer, there may be seasonal delights and special events that will impress the children. Make sure you check out the forecast before heading out in case the weather takes a turn and ruins your day out.

  • Bring a picnic along with you

Eating outdoors with your children is a great way to bond with your family.  Consider packing a few treats that the children will get excited about as this will give them something to look forward to.

  • Plan an activity.

Whether it’s cloud spotting, leaf collecting, pond dipping, treasure hunting, or s game… Activities can turn the park into an adventure for little ones and can take the pressure off parents to constantly entertain. Let the children run wild with their imaginations through nature.

Take the Kids Swimming

Taking your little ones to the local swimming pool is often an exciting time for them. Although water can be scary when first introduced, kids can build confidence, respect, and safety skills at your local swimming pool. 

Before you visit…

  • Decide between classes and playtime.

Are you going to book your child into a class, or just head in for a splash about? Playtime can often work as a welcome reward after your child has completed a particularly strenuous activity.

  • Choose the right pool

Everything from size, depth and temperature can affect the confidence and comfort of your little one. Make some enquiries and try and find a pool that’s over 28 degrees and that is clean and shallow for your very small kids.

  • Research some games/activities for swim time.

There are plenty of YouTube videos that will offer guidance on activities and games that will build up the confidence of your children. It’s worth taking a look, as there may be some techniques that are easily taught to quickly build their confidence.

Can you think or more tips for the four places we’ve mentioned? Perhaps you have some fresh ideas for cheap/free activities for families?

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