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Facts You Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

Facts You Didn’t Know About Pregnancy

Pregnancy is full of experiences and surprises that only a mother could tell you about. Some of the things that (are bound to) happen are rarely talked about, and you may have to learn about them the hard way. Here are some facts about pregnancy that will blow your mind away:

  1. 90% of pregnant women will experience a change in their skin tone during pregnancy. This may be the glow that everyone talks about when a pregnant woman passes by.

  2. At about four months old, the baby starts peeing. In you. Not grossed out yet? Well, he will go right ahead and drink it!

  3. Babies are rather naughty and have been documented doing quite a number of surprising things while still in the womb. Those movements you feel in your belly could be the baby stretching, kicking or even your horny little bundle of joy masturbating!

  4. Considering that you holding an entire human being in your belly, the volume of blood running through your body is bound to increase. This is why you may have to get used to bleeding gums and nose.

  5. So you want to give birth to twins, triplets, etc.? Statistics suggest that you may have better chances of doing so if you are tall or overweight. Remember, however, that overweight mothers have an increased chance of suffering from post-partum depression, high blood pressure, and other dangerous conditions.

  6. The body of a pregnant woman can detect the presence of a baby and react appropriately. Don't be surprised if you breastmilk starts coming out in your late stages of pregnancy when someone else's baby cries near you!

  7. Pregnant women produce a hormone called relaxin that softens their bones and joints in preparation for the delivery of their babies. This way, it becomes very easy for them to break their bones which is one reason why they should avoid strenuous, especially in the third trimester.

  8. Isn't it sad that your baby will cry in the womb, but you won't be able to hear or comfort them because of all the amniotic fluid?

  9. Here’s a sweet note: You and your partner may share some symptoms of pregnancy such as gaining weight! It is not clear how but it has been witnessed all over the world. Ok, to be fair, it may not be as thrilling to the baby daddy as he will have to sweat off the extra pounds in the gym while all you’ll have to do is give birth but come on, isn’t it the sweetest thing?

  10. If you are past your delivery date, you and your partner should get busy. Orgasms have been proved to induce contractions.

Bottom Line

When you discover that you are pregnant, stop worrying and start experiencing every single moment the best way you can. Much as the end comes with pain and some depression, the entire process is filled with wonders and pleasant surprises that you will only see again the next time your belly starts swelling up.

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