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Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bassinets

Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bassinets

Babies are a blessing and parents will do their best for their little bundles of joy. Most new parents have the instinctual need to keep their newborns close. A bassinet will ensure that your baby is near and has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

However, the sheer amount of baby bassinets out in the market now is enough to make any parent dizzy. So, here's everything you need to know about bassinets. Hopefully, this will help you in choosing the best one for your baby.


Bassinets and cribs might appear similar, but they are two entirely different things. The former is portable, while the latter is typically placed in the baby’s room.

A lot of mothers like bassinets because they can bring them wherever they are, making it easier to keep an eye on their baby. They're designed to be lower than a crib, providing parents faster access to the infant. More importantly, bassinets are cheaper, which is a big deal to a lot of cash-strapped families.


There's no right or wrong way of taking care of a baby. However, baby bassinets have several advantages that make them more attractive to mothers:


New moms need their sleep, but a baby crying in the night makes it difficult for them to get the rest they require. A bassinet allows the parent to reach over to comfort or feed the newborn quickly.


This is one of the bassinet's most significant advantages. Since you can carry it anywhere, your baby will always be within your sight. Traveling to grandma's place also becomes smoother since you can pick up the bassinet and go.


You can also reduce the risk of SIDS if you have your baby near you. Parents also become aware of what's happening to their baby faster. Moreover, since the bottom of the bassinet is just waist high, it's easier to put the baby down without accidents.


Every bassinet has different designs and features. Here are things you need to consider when selecting one:


Always look for a firm cushion for the bassinet. It's more comfortable for the baby and lowers the risk of SIDS.


    Your baby will inevitably bump into the bassinet's edges due to its smaller size. A mesh wall is good because it's soft and will not hurt the baby. The breathable material won't impair the baby's breathing in the event the baby presses their face against it. It's also cooler since the air can flow in.


      Avoid exposing your infant to toxic materials. Research the different manufacturers of baby products and select a company that uses non-toxic, environmentally friendly, natural materials.


        Some bassinets have a built-in rocker that will help lull your baby to sleep. This feature is a boon for exhausted parents, but it also adds to the price.


          Baby bassinets can provide parents with more benefits than cribs. However, parents still have to carefully consider all the information out there. They should also evaluate their space and budget before purchasing to ensure they're selecting the best bassinet for their baby.

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