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Creative Ideas For Decorating A Small Nursery

Creative Ideas For Decorating A Small Nursery

When planning a design for a nursery, the first thing to consider is if there is room enough for all your baby stuff. Now, who wouldn’t love to have all the space he or she needs to work with, right? Unfortunately, not all of us can have a spacious area that’s big enough to accommodate all the 
nursery furniture and toys we want to put in it.

However, a little creativity and some planning can help make that small area a dreamy, beautiful nursery that’s fit for any baby. You might have to change up some of the furniture and other items that you have wanted to use, but don’t worry about it because in the end, it will all be worth it, and you won’t feel like you missed out on anything.

Have A Dual-Purpose Dresser

Working with small spaces means you will have to use multi-purpose items to avoid filling up the room with lots and lots of nursery furniture. For example, get a low dresser with a wide-enough top to be able to use it as a changing table when you need one. Just place changing table pads when in use. Now you don’t have to buy a separate changing table, which means you just saved money and space.

Hanging Organizers Are Awesome

If you have one of those hanging organizers that you usually use for storing stuff inside a closet or behind a door, then you already have a convenient place to store items for your baby’s changing station. Hang an organizer on the side of the crib or anywhere convenient, and you now have a place to keep diapers, wipes, changing pads, sanitizers, baby powder, and other essentials.

Almost Any Chair Will Do

It’s tempting to get one of those gliders for the nursery, but if you’re trying to furnish a tight space, you’ll realize that it may be too big. As a matter of fact, if all you need is to be seated comfortably while tending to your baby, almost any chair will do just fine. Do you know those cushy, compact armchairs for living rooms? Those work great in the nursery too. Just pick one that matches the theme or colour palette you’re working with.

A quick tip: if you can, get a chair that also swivels, so you can easily turn in any direction if you need to. As for footstools and poufs, these are not necessities. They take up space that can be used for something else, and your nursery will still look great without them, so don’t sweat it.

Working With Colours

Feel free to experiment with colours and see how the mood of the room changes. If you don’t want to touch the walls, try painting the nursery furniture instead, like the crib or the dresser. A bright splash of colour amidst an even-toned room can look amazing. You can also try using different shades of the same colour. It can help to create a stylish, minimalist look that’s modern and whimsical at the same time.


There are plenty of other creative things you can do to decorate and furnish a small nursery. All you need is to keep it simple, and the willingness to adapt and work with what you have. Remember: a nursery doesn’t have to be gigantic to be gorgeous.

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