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Cloth Diapers Versus Disposable Diapers

Cloth Diapers Versus Disposable Diapers


The debate on whether to use disposable diapers or cloth diapers on babies is still on. Here are a few factors that mums generally use to defend their choices:


Your choice of diaper should be healthy for the baby. They should not carry infection-causing bacteria and should be sterile every time they are put on the baby. Cloth diapers are in question when it comes to the baby’s health, but as long as they are washed thoroughly and disinfected every time, they should not be a worry. Disposable diapers, on the other hand, are new and get disposed of after use, so they do not pose a danger of infection, unless they are left on for too long.


The diapers should also be comfortable for the baby. They should be changed when full. If left on for long, they may cause irritation and rashes that may, in turn, become painful sores. It's easy to use a quick change romper, jumpsuit or even a baby girl dress for your princess.. While disposable diapers have fewer chances of causing discomfort (they are more breathable and absorbent), they also contain chemicals that may irritate the tender baby’s skin.


No mother wants to struggle with complicated folds and additional risky pins. The good news, however, is that modern cloth diapers now come with Velcro and other convenient ties that make them as easy to change as the disposable diapers. In this regard, however, disposable diapers will always be more suitable. You don’t have to carry smelly diapers home for washing every time you change your baby away from home. If at home, it's relatively easy if you have the right baby change table


There is no disputing that disposable diapers are more expensive than cloth diapers, more so if your baby is one who needs constant changing. You have to buy bags of those only to throw away after they are soiled. Cloth diapers can just be washed and reused.

That said, here are the pros and cons of using both disposable and cloth diapers:

Advantages of disposable diapers

  • They are very convenient. As mentioned above, you only have to remove it and throw it then replace it with a new one.
  • They are more absorbent which reduces the risk of the baby suffering rashes and discomfort from urine and stool accumulation.
  • They are more breathable.
  • There are many options for size, and you can pick one that suits your baby.

Disadvantages of disposable diapers

  • They are not environment-friendly. They use natural resources to make and are not easily recyclable.
  • They contain chemicals such as dyes and gels that may irritate the baby
  • If the sticky parts tear during changing, then the diaper becomes useless.
  • In the long run, they are more expensive than cloth diapers.

Advantages of cloth diapers

  • They are re-usable which make them environmentally friendly
  • They are gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin
  • They have features that can easily be adjusted for the baby’s comfort.

Disadvantages of cloth diapers

  • They are not very convenient in both carrying and cleaning
  • They require a good amount of water and electricity to clean
  • They are less absorbent 

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