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6 Cute Christmas Traditions to Start with your Kids

6 Cute Christmas Traditions to Start with your Kids

The Christmas traditions you start will become much-loved memories for the entire family to treasure in the future. From counting down the days until Christmas until Santas arrival, the little things you and your family do to celebrate Christmas will be a holiday that looked forward to all year round. Here are our top 5 favourite Christmas traditions that we love!


  • 1. Matching Family Pyjamas

  • three kids in matching pyjamas

    Admit it: Family matching holiday PJ’s are so much fun - and not just for your kids, either. They are the perfect Christmas Eve treat to get the excitement started early for the whole family. Not only will the entire family look adorable in their matching festive jammies (and it’s the perfect photo op!) but it will make Christmas all the merrier.


    2. Leaving Santa Claus Food

    a glass of milk and a plate of chocolate chip cookies being left out for Santa Claus

    We all know and love this Christmas tradition! An oldie but a goodie, leaving cookies and a glass of milk out for Santa is a lovely Christmas ritual that the whole family should perform on Christmas Eve. Make sure you don’t forget some cut up carrots for Rudolph - they would be pretty hungry after 24 hours of hard work!

    3. Elf on the Shelf
    elf on the shelf jumping out of a box


    For those of you who haven’t heard of Elf on the Shelf, it is a fun-filled Christmas tradition where you put an elf doll in all sorts of naughty situations and let the kids find him in the middle of mischief. The magical Scout Elves are supposed to help Santa manage his naughty and nice lists and report back to Santa every night and return in a new hilarious spot in the morning. This is such an exciting Christmas tradition that kids love and the whole family can get involved in.

    4. Homemade Christmas Cards
    homemade childrens christmas cards


    Making homemade Christmas cards is a must-do tradition. There is something super special about a handmade Christmas card crafted by a child and it’s a project the entire family can involve in. Set out glitter, paper, pens, paint, brushes and make an entire afternoon or night out of it!

    5. Gingerbread Houses

    Gingerbread house

    There is something magical about gingerbread houses. It doesn’t matter if they are architectural masterpieces built by famous pastry chefs or sweet cute houses built by your little ones. They are all wonderful and incredibly fun to make. So, why not start a new Christmas tradition and make a gingerbread house with your kids? You can either make it from scratch or alternatively you can buy a kit, but either way make sure there is plenty of lollies, sweets, icing and sprinkles on hand.

    Ps: They also make incredibly sweet presents! Pun intended.

    We hope you have a merry and bright Christmas filled with joy and love. For cute and cool baby clothes online, be sure to check out the Bubs store. 

    Ho HO HO, Merry Christmas!

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