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Choosing the Right Baby Carrier

Choosing the Right Baby Carrier

Here's the thing. Keeping your baby close to you and having your hands free to take care of other things doesn't require world-class multi-tasking skills. With a baby carrier, you can save yourself the strain typical of the early months of motherhood.

If your baby is the kind that treats you to unsettling drama when placed down even for a few minutes, babywearing is the perfect solution. In a simple yet practical way, you can free your arms to prepare yourself a cup of coffee or prepare baby food.

Perhaps baby carriers are also the undeclared master for holding young ones when taking a walk, hiking, or even when travelling. And with a little practice, you can employ one when breastfeeding and juggling other light duties.

But with so many products in the market, how do you choose the right one. To help you filter through hundreds of options, here are some basic considerations worth having in mind.

Baby's needs

    The single most important consideration when shopping for a baby furniture set or baby carrier is how well it matches the baby's needs. Usually, this mainly depends on the baby's age and development milestones. For instance, babies that have already learnt to sit will need something slightly different as compared to newborns with no body control at all. Similarly, other things such as the baby's size and weight should also influence your decision.


      Next, as a parent, you should aim to keep your baby as comfortable as possible. Therefore, when checking out your options, you should ensure the baby will feel good in the carrier. Specifically, the construction fabric should be cozy, warm, and feel smooth on the skin. 

      Durability & Adaptability

        You need to ask yourself for what period will you need to babywear. If it's just for a few months, then it will not be prudent to invest in a high-end product. To the contrary, in case you'll use it as long as possible- going for a sturdy and well-constructed carrier is advisable. Again, a good pick should be adjustable in line with the changing needs of the baby. Either way, a good investment should be of decent quality that can serve the needs without giving in to the pressure.


          To allow multiple individuals use the same carrier, it is important to choose one with flexible wearer fit. Adjustability is particularly crucial if you share the caregiving role with others who may have a different body build as you. That way, several people can take turns carrying the baby with the same level of convenience. If you can find one which also allows changing of carrying positions the better.


            If there is anything no parent would compromise is their loved one's safety. As such, the product you acquire should at no point expose your child to the risk of falling or strains that may cause discomfort no matter how minimal.

            Ease of use

              Most first time mothers require some practice to learn every trick of babywearing. And so the carrier should not make the experience any difficult. Go for a product that will allow you to easily place and take out the baby. The caregiver should also find it easy to put in on and take it off as the need arises. In addition to that, it should be easy to clean and maintain considering babies can sometimes mess things up badly.


                In your quest for the best, ask yourself does the fabric match your needs beyond just carrying the baby. Does it match up to the weather? Ideally, a good pick should be versatile and weatherproof especially to allow outdoor use.


                So there you have it. With all these considerations in mind, you’ll most certainly figure out the most suitable pick. Only then you can enjoy the closeness of your child cuddling and rolling in the warmth while having the freedom to navigate whatever else deserves your attention.

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