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Choosing A Maternity Bra

Choosing A Maternity Bra

Pregnancy changes a woman's body in many ways, and it takes quite a while after the birth to get back the pre-pregnancy body.

The last trimester and the first few months after birth are particularly drastic, and you will find yourself needing a whole new closet to accommodate the new curves and soft spots. One significant change comes with the breasts. They get a lot bigger and tender. This is usually among the first signs of pregnancy. As such, you will need to get special maternity bras that will not only hold them but also take care of the tenderness.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when buying a maternity bra:


With the increased size comes increased weight. Your maternity bra should be strong enough to support the breasts without hurting you or breaking. They should not let the breasts bounce or move a lot which could be painful. An ideal bra should have broad and firm elastic straps to hold them down without squeezing them too tightly or letting them apart too wide. It should also have an under-bust band and a wide side, together with a deep middle.


Sensitive breasts need a lot of coverage to avoid irritation, which is why your maternity bra should have a fabric in all the places in contact with your breasts. It helps you maintain comfort.


It is widely assumed that the larger the bra, the more comfortable it will be. Many women always buy a size or two larger than their current breast size, hoping that the extra fabric coverage will be comfortable on the tender breasts. Some even get huge bras hoping to grow into them as the pregnancy progresses.

This is wrong. Maternity bras are made with specific sizes in mind so that their design and construction may offer enough support to the respective breast size. You may end up being uncomfortable.


Well, this is a no brainer. You probably have quite a number of regular bras in your underwear shelf..why would you get just one for the maternity period? For the sake of hygiene, your comfort and convenience, get yourself a couple of them. Don’t forget to wash them often and dry them out in an open space to keep infections and bacteria out of your way (and your baby’s too.)


Your breasts won’t remain the same size throughout your pregnancy. They will change in size throughout the semesters and even after birth. This calls for you to get maternity bras of various sizes and not one oversized type that you will be hoping to grow into.

In conclusion, choosing the perfect maternity bra may prove harder than you think, but in the end, its all about your comfort.

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