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Child Safety At Home

As children grow up, they become more curious about their surroundings, and this places them in danger of being hurt by literally anything in their way. Things that may look harmless may turn out to cause unimaginable pain, and one can never be too sure what to keep around and what to take away. In that regard, it is important that every parent makes their homes child-friendly in every way possible to prevent injuries that may cause a lot of unnecessary pain. Here are a few ways to make your home environment safe for your children:


Injuries caused by falls are the most common among children. Ways to keep the kids from sustaining injuries from falls include:

  1. Install safety guards on stairs and balconies. Make sure that the child cannot easily pull them down or climb over them. They mainly come in handy when the toddler starts crawling. It would help if you still supervised the child on the stairs and balconies.
  2. Watch out for the windows. Active children can quickly climb out of them and fall, especially those that are low-set. You may want to lock most of them, especially those upstairs. If you can’t then use firm window guards.
  3. Light up your home so that the children can easily find their way without tripping. Remove any obstacles that may be in their way such as toys.


The best way to keep the child away from being scalded or burnt is by keeping them away from anything that produces heat such as the fireplace, oven, microwaves, cooker, etc. If you cannot keep them away from such places, then place them firmly on raised places where they cannot reach. The emphasis is also on the firmness; you don’t want the thirty-five-pound microwave falling on your baby.

If you are going to have a hot drink like tea or coffee, keep it away from the reach of your child. One minute it may be on the table and the next it may be spilled all over the little one who, by then, will be crying their lungs out in pain.

Additionally, don’t bathe your child with steaming water. Mix cold and warm water proportionally until they form a perfect temperature.


This is also a major cause of hospital emergencies among children. Remember that your child’s curiosity involves wanting to taste everything they can get their hands on. Most of the child poisoning cases are caused by common household chemicals such as detergents, insecticides, and bleaches.

Store any dangerous chemicals out of the child’s reach and secure them with fail-safe locks. Check for their toys too and ensure that none are going to cause any problems if put in the mouth,

Conclusively, your child’s safety is your responsibility. Keep them away from anything that you can imagine causing them any sort of pain. Take the necessary steps to baby-proof the house before they start crawling and watch out for the things you can’t totally get rid of.

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