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Bringing Your Baby Home: What You Will Need-Bubs Warehouse International Pty Ltd

Bringing Your Baby Home: What You Will Need

Many mothers often think about their baby’s shopping after they are born. It is understandable, considering that some babies come when they are not quite expected. It can be confusing, especially for clueless new mothers who have no idea what they should get for their babies. Here are some of the necessities that will keep you and your baby going until you can figure out what else you should buy:


This may seem very obvious even before birth, but it gets a little bit more complicated when it is time to decide which clothes exactly your baby needs. You also realize that babies practically outgrow their clothes in a week or less, so you may need to make a few more rounds to the baby store. Here are some clothes that you should pick out for your baby after bringing him home:

  1. Jumpsuits, preferably more for the day and one or two for the night.
  2. Pairs of socks
  3. Light cardigans for when it is warm and heavy sweaters for when it's cold, for instance, in the winter.
  4. Singlets
  5. Cotton rugs for the cold months
  6. Tops
  7. Sun hats to prevent direct contact with the sun
  8. Cotton hats
  9. Muslin wraps for the summer


Needless to say, you need to choose bedding that will be comfortable for your baby. Some of these items include:

  1. Crib
  2. Carrycot or Moses basket
  3. A mattress for the cot
  4. Sheets
  5. Light blankets

When buying a cushion for the bed, make sure that it fits perfectly without leaving any gaps. This eliminates the risk of the baby trapping their limbs and even the head, a sure way to suffocate. You should also get a couple of sheets; at least two pairs as they will need to be changed quite often.

If you will be borrowing a cot, get a new mattress for the sake of hygiene and your child’s safety. Look out for features such as comfort and waterproof covers.


You may not spend all your time holed up in the house taking care of the baby. When you are going out with your baby, you will find it necessary to have the following things:

  1. A stroller or a pram. It should have a five-point harness, working brakes, handles at the right height and should be verified by the Australian Safety Standards
  2. A baby carrier with good support for the baby’s head and secure buckles and straps.
  3. A carrycot that is light and portable
  4. A car seat with a safety restraint.

In conclusion, you should that babies are not all the same, and that yours may have different needs from others. As their mother, you need to observe them, and you will not have a problem putting the finger on what they need. Seek advice from experienced mothers and even feel free to do some research. Remember that what matters is your baby’s health, comfort, and safety.

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