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Becoming A New Parent: A Dad's Point Of View

Becoming A New Parent: A Dad's Point Of View


Being a father is probably not the easiest thing in the world, considering the numerous new responsibilities that come with it. Sure, there is a lot of joy in knowing that you helped create the beautiful new life in your arms and that it will carry on your name, but there is also a considerable amount of panic when you realize that you are going to be responsible for their health, shelter, education and pretty much everything else including getting your newborn baby clothes.


This is perhaps the most experienced feeling by new fathers even through pregnancy. It all starts when you are made to understand that your wife or partner has this miracle growing in her. She is the one carrying it for those nine months and therefore, she is the center of attention.

Well, we can’t blame the women for this, considering the many days of morning sickness and a heavy belly. They are the ones who have to eat well, stay away from any strenuous exercises and sleep as much as they can all for the health of the unborn baby. You can’t help but feel a little jealous.

A little jealousy, however, cannot be compared to what you will feel when the baby finally arrives. Two becomes three but in a way, it looks like the baby replaces you and the family is still made up of two. All attention is diverted towards the mum and her little bundle of joy.


This is one thing that the father can’t help with. For the first few months, all they can take in is breast milk. Their systems have not developed well enough to digest any other foods. This leaves you completely helpless. The best you, as a new dad, can do is make sure that the mother is well fed as she produces the milk, perhaps a nursing bra or a kids bed are contributions you can make! 


Now that your long awaited baby is here, the best you can do is step up as the father. This means taking up responsibility where it is due to make sure that both mother and child have an easy ride... so, of course you can shop for baby clothes online or help out picking up the groceries etc. 

If you do not have a house help, be sure to get one because your wife or partner will not be able to do all the house chores while still recovering and taking care of the baby. The new mother will need some time to heal after the delivery, which may call on you to help out in some areas. You may have to pick up some shopping after work or help out with the dishes. It is up to you to do whatever you can to make sure that the new mom and your newborn have an easy time. Consider taking the little out for a stroll with the latest baby carrier wraps


This is important in establishing a relationship with the baby from an early age. You can do this by taking part in some activities that give you the chance to spend time and communicate with the baby. For instance, you can help change their diapers, using a diaper bag if you are out and about, and feed them or put them to bed.

Conclusively, being a dad is not as scary as it may look. You only need to step up and help out where you can.

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