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Baby Needs: What To Include In The Shopping List-Bubs Warehouse International Pty Ltd

Baby Needs: What To Include In The Shopping List

Buying stuff for your little one may be a hard task. If you don’t know what exactly what to get you may either walk out of the store with a whole lot of things you don’t need or a few things that will have you coming back sooner than you thought. You have to be careful that you don’t run out of things when you need them, and also that you don’t fill your house with unnecessary baby things. Assuming that you are preparing for a newborn, here are some of the most important things to include in your shopping list:


This should be bought along a mattress, some sheets and baby blankets. The baby is going to be sleeping there for a while, so make sure that her beddings are comfortable enough. The quality of sheets should good, smooth enough not to irritate the newborn's sensitive skin. The mattress should be very soft too for the general comfort of the baby.


If you are going to be driving the baby around then you might as well get them their own seat. It should have special features such as easy adjustability, a belt to hold them in place and a smooth surface.


This is a whole topic. You should choose your baby clothes not only depending on how cute they look or how affordable they are but also how comfortable they will be on the baby. Make sure you get their sizes right with some space for growth otherwise you will be rushing to the store every month for a bigger size. To save on these, you can get some unisex clothes if you are planning to have another baby so that they can be handed down.


No mother would forget to buy her baby diapers or nappy. Not after the first experience without them anyway. Your baby’s nappy or diaper should be well absorbent and breathable. If you happen to buy poor quality nappies that retain fluid, then both you and your baby are in for long nights of crying from painful rashes.

A changing mat is necessary when the cot is not always around during changing. It is especially useful when you move a lot with the baby.


With babies, there’s always something to wipe, whether it is a food mess or dribbles. Get many towels for your baby and make sure that they are always clean, preferably disinfected.


These will make it easier to breastfeed your baby without necessarily having to remove the whole bra. They also provide much-needed support to your delicate breasts during the breastfeeding period.


This is not really necessary if you are going to be around the baby all the time, or you have someone always to watch her. It just makes it easier to know when they are awake when you are away so that you can attend to them.

Other items may depend on your baby’s age or specific requirements.

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