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7 Baby Shower Planning Tips

7 Baby Shower Planning Tips

Expecting a baby is a lot to take in. Not only do you need to be financially and mentally ready, but you also need to be emotionally ready too. That's because a child needs more than just a roof over their head and milk in their belly. Aside from all those material things, you need to provide that baby love and care throughout their life as they continue to grow throughout the years. In short, you must be fully ready to accept your role as a parent well before a baby comes into your home.

From the moment you post your adorable announcement on social media that there's a new addition on the way, your family and friends get excited as well. By then, that's when many soon-to-be mothers start organising their baby shower.

A baby shower is a party in which all the important people in your life celebrate with you before Bub arrives. Continue reading below for some of our best baby shower tips. You will likely get alot of attention and hopefully some adorable gifts:


Budgeting is always important. Your party doesn’t have to be too big if you can’t afford it. Always remember, there are many more important things to prepare for after the baby’s birth. In which case, only spend what you can afford to lose. You never know when you may need to buy some more stuff online. Think about where you're having it, the food that will be served during the party and take into account the realistic costs involved. Always make sure at the end of the day, that you have enough you fulfil your baby's needs afterwards.


Always remember that you don’t have to invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to attend the event. Just invite a few friends, family members, and maybe some work friends to attend the party. Make use of your allocated budget from the previous point to identify how much people you can afford to cater for. 


Select a theme for the baby shower. In case you are having trouble deciding on one, you can browse our Nursery & Decor collection which features a wide range of wall stickers, decor and more which may help to spark some idea's. Or, ask some friends who have had baby showers beforehand and what themes they had at their own baby showers. There's an abundance of information and idea's online and offline if you still can't think of a theme.


There's many games you can play at your baby shower to make it more fun and encourage your friends and family to interact. Whether it be who can spit the baby dummy the farthest distance or measuring mums belly and having everyone try to guess the closest measurement. There's lots of fantastic ideas online and it can be really fun to come up with your own!


The centrepiece of the baby shower is the cake. Cakes celebrating new babies can be among some of the most adorable (or horrific!) out there. Whether you make it yourself or go to a bakery, make sure that yours is special, detailed and incredibly cute.


If you don't have a million chairs lying around, or the room to set them all up, provide some pillows or ottomans for the (younger and more limber non pregnant) guests to sit on. If possible, also limit the gift opening portion of the party to an hour or less. Any longer and some guest's may start to get a bit antsy.


Having a tiny human in your womb while you're trying to prepare for a party can be a very stressful thing. If you get stressed out easily when multitasking, do not refuse any help offered by your friends and family around you. Ask your partner for some help when it comes to planning your baby shower. Don't be afraid to seek for more assistance that is openly offered by those who can provide it to you.

Being excited about having a baby is completely normal. And, it is undeniable that both mum AND dad must be fully prepared for the commitment of having a child. Preparing for a party can often be a little stressful and a little overwhelming. But, if you allow the help that your friends and family offer you, the entire planning and set-up will be much smoother and will help to alleviate a lot of the weight that's on your shoulders (and your belly!)


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