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6 Useful Presents for your Next Baby Shower

6 Useful Presents for your Next Baby Shower

It can be a tough task trying to find a baby shower gift for the pregnant person in your life that is thoughtful, unique and useful. Don't worry, before you start panicking, we are here to help make the gift buying process that much easier.

It is more than likely your pregnant friend or family member already has the main items that she needs - the crib, car seat, pram, and high chair. However, there are plenty of other unique gifts that most parents don't even realise would benefit them and their babies.

We have put together 6 beneficial and unique gifts that will set your gift apart at any baby shower.


  • 1. The Lulla Doll:

  • Lulu doll
  • Talk about a unique baby shower gift. Meet baby’s new bedtime friend. The Lulla Doll is a sleep companion for babies from preemies to toddlers. It is the result of many years of scientific research, imitating the closeness to a caregiver at rest, playing the soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat.  Not only is it incredibly cute but it will be sure to soothe their baby to sleep, improving everyone's sleep and wellbeing.

    The Lulla Doll, $99.00


     2. Tummy Time Play Mat

    Tummy time play mat for newborns

    This is a great gift most parents won’t even think of getting. It’s a tummy training playmat that also encourages head turning, eye-tracking and eye-coordination. It’s the perfect addition to playtime while conveniently folding into a self-contained roll-n-go carry case with a hidden pocket for additional accessories.

    Yookidoo Gymmotion Tummy Time Playland, $119.95


    3. Dreamweaver Bluetooth Speaker and Nightlight

    Dreamweaver bluetooth speaker and nightlight

    A dim nightlight can help settle the baby while making it easier for mum or dad to move around the room without stubbing a toe during nighttime feedings. This nightlight also doubles as a soothing speaker baby with preloaded lullabies, white noise, and natural sads or stream. Or alternatively, parents can play unlimited music and stories from their smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth.

    Dreamweaver Bluetooth Speaker and Nightlight, $99.95


    4. Bamboo Swaddle Wraps

    two pack stretch cotton swaddling wraps

    Honestly, is there such thing as too many swaddle wraps? Buy them a super soft bamboo interlock wrap with thermoregulating fibers for temperature control and a great sleep.

    Bamboo Stretch Swaddle Wraps, $34.95


    5. Novelty Hooded Bath Towel

    elephant hooded bath towel for newborns

    Practical and adorable! These novelty bath towels are made from plush cotton fabric and are luxuriously soft as well as highly absorbent.  

    Zoo Animals ‘Elephant’ Novelty Hooded Bath Towel, $24.95


    6. Sleeptot Comforter

    Not only is the bunny ready to be hugged and loved by their little one but it can be easily positioned by your baby making it difficult to lose a dummy again.

    Award-winning Sleepytot Comforter, $27.96

    Happy baby shower shopping!

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