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5 yummy snacks for bubs on the go (that big kids will love too)

5 yummy snacks for bubs on the go (that big kids will love too)

Whether you’re jumping on a plane, hitting the road or even just preparing for a playdate, one thing’s for sure, your little ones are going to want some snacks.

Keep bubs full and happy with these 5 yummy snacks that will be a winner for both little and not so little ones alike.


DIY Smoothie Pouches

Pouches are an absolute lifesaver when on the go and even better when they’re full of your tyke’s favourite flavours! Blend up your favourite nutritious combinations and pour into a reusable pouch for a healthy DIY smoothie on the go. Served fresh or even as a frozen treat for longer trips, DIY pouches are the perfect feed yourself snack when on the move.

We love using Sinchies Top Sprout Reusable Food Pouches to store combinations like berries and yoghurt, pear and banana, orange and mango and even hide some cheeky spinach in with banana! Easy to fill, clean and freezer friendly, Sinchies come in a range of kid-loving prints to make snack time fun.


Mini Muffins

Is there anything muffins can’t do?! They make sweet treats secretly healthy, pack in essential veggies, can be frozen for weekly lunchboxes and fill out little ones up whilst they’re on the go.

Mini muffins make a great on the go treat with no utensils or washing up required! A great activity you can get your little one involved in, mini muffins take around 40 minutes to prepare and cook and can set you up for a week of treats for the entire family!

This is also a great opportunity for some pretend play with slightly older kids. With our Keezi Kids Kitchen Set, they can join in on the baking fun!

Some of our favourite muffin mixes are apple and cinnamon, carrot and sultana, and banana with chocolate chips. Who licks the bowl is totally up to you!


Homemade Flavoured Popcorn

Did you know it is so easy to create healthy flavoured popcorn without all the preservatives and sugar? If you’re wanting to spice up (or sweeten) the classic popcorn snack, try making your own seasoning.

Seasonings like cinnamon, cocoa or even a swirl of honey can transform your savoury snack into a healthy sweet treat. If savoury is more your style, check out seasoning such as cumin, garlic and paprika for a popcorn snack that just became got a fiesta-style twist!

Perfect packaged up for a road trip or served in paper bags to make your next playdate feel like a trip to the cinema, the whole family is going to love coming up with their own popcorn creations.


Fruit Ice Blocks

With Summer just around the corner for Aussie little ones, there’s nothing quite like a refreshing ice block in the sun! For your next playdate or busy afternoon in the backyard, bring out your homemade fruit ice blocks that are packed full of flavour!

Ultra-easy to make, blend up your favourite fruit combinations (we can’t go past watermelon and kiwi fruit), adding water if you need to thin out your mixture. Pour into your ice block container and secure with sticks and lids. Pop into the freezer until your mixture has transformed into a delicious ice block and enjoy! To give your creation more of an ice cream sensation, add your favourite dairy or non-dairy product like coconut yoghurt or a splash of milk.


Little Étoile Meal Pouches

When kids are on the go, that means parents are right behind them! If whipping up snacks in the kitchen isn’t at the top of your to-do list this week, then Little Étoile has your back. Australian made, certified organic and full of only the good stuff (and no confusing ingredients list in sight) Little Étoile specialises in sweet and savoury pouches for little ones aged 6-12 months. The best part? Their packaging is 100% recyclable and you can get started with a trial kit to discover what flavours work best for your family.

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