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4 things they don’t tell you about your little one's first year

4 things they don’t tell you about your little one's first year

Hands up who has thought “I wish someone had told me THAT beforehand!”, “are you positive this is normal?” or “I better Google that one first” at some stage during their newborn journey.

From the good to the... well, gross, we asked our newborn parent community what they wish someone had told them about their baby’s first year.


You’ll use around 200 nappies a month… no joke

How many?!

It’s no surprise that having a newborn adds a few extra items to your shopping list each week but when it comes to nappies, you’ll be getting to know your supermarket staff by name.

Babies feed often, so it makes sense that they also wee and poo frequently too! As you both settle into your feeding schedule, it’s completely normal to work your way through around 200 nappies each month in the early stages of your newborn journey.

Our community’s advice? Find a brand that works for you and stock up!


Why did nobody mention leaving the house becomes an Olympic sport?!

How did something so simple become an exercise of organisation?

With all the gear babies require in those early stages, sometimes it seems like preparing to leave the house takes longer than the time you’re actually spending outside!

So, what hack did our community have to make the process more streamlined?

Double up on essentials such as nappies, wipes, changing mats and creams and have them ready to roll in one of our bag or stroller organisers. Each time you return home, replenish your organiser so it’s always stocked with the goods!

Remember, sometimes things just won’t go to plan and that’s okay! Rest assured, you will find what works for you and don’t be afraid to start small even if you don’t feel perfectly prepared.


Zippers will become your BFF

When was the last time your baby said, “no worries mum and dad, I’ll just lay here nice and still so you can finish buttoning up my onesie”?  

From change number 8 for the day or the unprecedented explosion (if you know, you know), a zipper will never be more appreciated in your house than right now.

During those early stages, you’ll be changing clothes and nappies on the fly, in the middle of the night and sometimes at that rapid, it’s running down their leg pace. Make sure to choose outfits that are easy to take on and off and don’t leave you fastening 20 buttons at 2 am.


It really does take a village (and that’s okay)

Pre-baby, you hear “it takes a village” on what feels like on repeat but until you’re living it, you’ll never realise their worth.

Not only will they help carry the load when you are tired, starving and the dishes need doing but they will love your baby like it’s their own. They will remind you that you’re more than puree and poop and lift you up when you need it most.

Never be afraid to ask for help, say you’re running late or introduce your baby to a day of Netflix and pyjamas.

Your village has your back however and whenever you need it.

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