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4 gifts for parents-to-be in 2020

4 gifts for parents-to-be in 2020

The exciting announcement that never gets old – a loved one is expecting a baby!

Whether you’re celebrating online or in-person this year, finding a baby shower gift for parents-to-be can be a tall task! 

We bet you’re thinking to yourself as you scroll through the pages and pages of baby items, “It must be thoughtful, unique, useful and fun!”. Before the panic sets up, stop scrolling and check out our 4 baby shower gift picks that parents in 2020 are sure to love. 


A new kind of greeting card

Create memories from the very start by filling up baby’s library. 

Instead of a traditional gift card, find your favourite storybook and write a personalised message on the front page of the book. 

Whether it evokes memories from your childhood, a favourite of your own children or one that simply shares a special message, every time mum or dad reads their baby that book, it’ll have a special place in their heart. 


Dinner has been served!

Want to know what all new parents really need? 

Things that make those first few weeks easier! 

Managing time during those whirlwind newborn weeks can be a struggle, so opt for a baby shower gift that celebrates their new chapter such as a food delivery service, grocery subscription or gift card for them to purchase those essentials that slip through the cracks. 


Thinking ahead

Many parents have shared that by the time they make their way through the 100’s of onesies and outfits gifted to them on their special day, their baby has grown! 

Think beyond that euphoric newborn phase and consider purchasing outfits that will fit the baby in 3 or 6 months’ time

Is their baby due in Summer? If so, consider winter essentials such as jackets and long sleeve rompers. We’ve got all seasons covered with our wide range of baby and toddler apparel


Playtime essentials

Coming in all different shapes, colours and sizes, a playmat is essential for baby’s playtime. A comfy spot for your loved one’s little one to relax, play and work on their development, a playmat is a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift

Also perfect for tummy time, playmats can feature a variety of textures, visuals and sometimes even sounds to boost alertness and hand-eye coordination.

Discover our range of playmats to suit different living spaces and developmental stages online. 

We guarantee this thoughtful gift will be one of their most-used items! 

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