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3 ways to create sensory play at home

3 ways to create sensory play at home

From clean to messy, scented to tasty, there are so many different ways our little ones can experience sensory play. Stimulating the 5 senses, taste, touch, sight, sound and smell, sensory play explores a child’s senses and supports them to gain a deeper understanding of the world around us.

The ways we can create sensory play at home are endless! Today, we’re sharing 3 different ways you can create your own sensory station at any age.

Sensory play for babies

For our tiniest sensory explorers, sensory play can explore how things feel and sound. From their toes splashing in the water, hands feeling the texture of scrunching to the sounds of nursery rhymes during tummy time, these simple moments that enjoy with our little one can support their sensory development.

For seamless sensory play at home that combines sight, touch and sound, our Peek A Boo Singing Elephant is always a hit. From playing peek-a-boo with your little one to creating playtime sing-alongs, this interactive plush is not only sense-igniting but ultra-huggable too.

Sensory play for toddlers

Embracing the age where exploring, touching and getting messy is our norm, sensory play for toddlers can become a whole-body learning experience. A trending way to create sensory play at home is by creating their very own sensory box or table filled with a variety of textures, sounds, shapes and experiences.

Sensory tables can be filled with whatever sparks your imagination! For outdoor play, a sensory table can be used to get creative with mixing (non-toxic) paints to learn colour combinations, discovering the effects and textures of mixing water with sand or even the stretch, smell (and sometimes taste) of homemade slime or dough.

If less-mess sensory play is more your style, indoor sensory tables filled with craft supplies, cotton wool, blocks and even playdough allow your toddlers to engage their senses and provoke their creativity without the necessary post-play bath time.

Our Sand And Water Picnic Table is the perfect home for your sensory table thanks to built-in panels to hold sand, water and everything in between. Ideal for playtime and lunchtime, its space-conscious and industrial design suits any backyard.

Sensory play for pre-schoolers

Let’s get loud!

Feeling confident in their motor skills and balance, unique sensory play such as musical instruments introduces new challenging yet fun activities for your pre-schoolers to explore.

Through musical instrument sensory play, children can identify pitches, tones, rhythm and even discovering their preferences - every music legend had to start somewhere, right?!

Whilst the sound may sometimes miss the mark, children’s brains are connecting what happens when they strike a drum, blow a harmonica or press the key on a piano at different intensities.

Discover our range of wooden musical instruments to start your next at-home jam session.

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