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The Importance of Buying Child Safety Gates and Playpens

The Importance of Buying Child Safety Gates and Playpens

Having crawling children at home is exciting. As a parent, you wait anxiously for the moment they start walking around using tiny hands and legs. It is a time when a child is curious and wants to explore. While you are happy they have reached this milestone, it is time to think about child safety at home. Why is that?

Out of curiosity, kids crawl everywhere in the house. They are up and down the stairs, to the backyard, kitchen, bathroom, swimming pool area the moment you get your eyes off them.  That is where safety gates and playpens come in handy. To know more, read further.

What are safety gates and playpens?

They are unique barriers specifically made to restrict children from accessing specific areas in the house. The individual walls can be of wooden, metallic, or plastic material. They are to keep kids safe in the house when they do not have your full attention. So, why is installing the barriers important?

Why is it important to buy child safety gates and playpens?

It is a relief to know there is a way you can keep your kids out of danger at home, right? Having well-fitted safety barriers of different shapes and heights from an excellent manufacturer help you keep your kid safe in the following three ways

  • From tumbling down the stairs


For crawling young ones, it is unavoidable. If you have stairs in the house, curiosity leads them up or down the stairs. According to Paediatricians, stairs are a common source of injury to crawling children. Every 6 minutes, ER treats a child with injuries from falling down the stairs.

It is shocking, right? Installing safety gates mounted on top and bottom of the staircases saves you a visit to the ER. Barriers of 24- 32 inches in height keeps a child from accessing the stairs on both ends.

  • Control movements

Sometimes all you want to do is to keep the child safe. You might be cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the sitting room and want to control the child’s movement. For a child less than two years of age, a well-designed playpen acts as a safe play and sleep space while you relax or attend to other chores.

  • To keep kids from danger zones

Our homes have fireplaces, high traffic hallways, kitchen, bathroom, detergent rooms, and doors to backyards and front ways, which act as danger zones to kids. For peace of mind, installing well-manufactured safety gates ensure they do not access areas and rooms you do not want them to.

While you enjoy special moments in your kid’s life, it is best to keep them safe at home. One way of doing that is by installing good quality safety gates and playpens from a reliable manufacturer. They play three critical roles to control the child’s movements, prevent them from tumbling down the stairs and from danger zones in our houses. They allow children to crawl, explore, learn, and have fun in a safe environment.

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