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10 Newborn Photoshoots Gone Wrong

10 Newborn Photoshoots Gone Wrong

When you have your baby, you want to capture the serene expression they have when they sleep, the sweet curve of their smile, and the twinkle in their eyes so you can remember it for years to come. Professional photographers can capture that moment perfectly, but there’s more than just one take when it comes to taking newborn photos. In between the perfect picture, photographers capture some silly moments. Some that range between a sour look on the baby’s face to the baby peeing on themselves and every person around. Here are some infant photoshoots that just went wrong.


1.  You can be upset but there’s no need for rude gestures. On more than one occasion, your baby may cry and hold their middle finger just so. Don’t worry, they mean no harm. It’s just how their fingers curl, they swear!

baby with middle finger

2. “Whatcha talkin’ bout, Willis?” Such an incredulous look from someone so young. Sometimes even infants don’t like their photo taken but, more likely than not, this baby’s wondering what kind of contraption is being shoved in their face. 

unhappy baby

3. The next Miley Cyrus? Maybe. This baby could have just tasted something bad or just know that they look adorable with their tongue out. The scrunched eyebrows suggest the former.

miley cyris 

4. Someone just smelled their own diaper. On too many occasions, babies soil themselves during photoshoots. It’s always important to bring some extra apparel for all occasions (Bubs have you and your bub covered!). Also, maybe avoid the nude photos, that stuff can get everywhere.   

someone elses diaper 

5. Maybe it’s just allergies. Babies look cute surrounded by the fake flowers and plants but they might not enjoy being covered in it.

 box baby

6. Sibling rivalry starts early. Baby photoshoots with all your kids may seem like a smart idea but be prepared to experience the real struggle of getting all your children to cooperate.

sibling rivalry 

7. Little Bunny Foo Foo doesn’t feel like hopping through the forest. Babies dressed up as animals are the cutest, even when they look less than happy. While they may jump around dressed like animals at home, the added pressure of the camera could make them nervous.

little bunny 

8. Dad looks like he’s the only one having a good time. Family photos can be cute, some even elegant, but having young boys can make capturing the perfect moment challenging. If they aren’t fighting with each other, they’re fighting with you. Not to mention, the baby crying.

dad with babies 

9. The point of a photoshoot is generally to see your face. Getting your child to sit still can be difficult. Adding a small crate into the equation makes it nearly impossible, especially if they’ve learned to walk. Watch out for wandering feet if you take your walking toddler to a photoshoot.  

box in

10. You’ve already been warned about nude babies in photos, now you know why. When a baby has to go, they have to go. The horror stories of babies peeing on themselves and pooping on their parents are numerous. It’s up to you to decide if baby pee on your arm is worth the art.

baby peeing 


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